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Vol. I, No. 2


A revolutionary resource
   A modern library launches Rowan
   into the 21st century
   by Benjamin E. Martin ’96

Unlocking the will to learn (424K)
   Rowan prof Christine Johnston
   cracks the code for learning styles
   by Diane Donofrio Angelucci ’81

New Jersey and you (428K)
   Grads invite the world
   to the Garden State
   By Tim Zatzariny Jr. ’94

Hoop hopes (420K)
   Rowan’s basketball team shoot for
   success beyond the three point line
   by Laurel Keser ’85

alumni sidebars
Jack Collins takes the helm
   Jack Collins ’64, ’67

Go West (and North alums!)

   Loren Chassels ’95
   Susan Littley-Friedman Wiren ’83

Moore gives life to the community
through the arts

   Isabel Moore ’72

after words
A generation in search
   by Nancy Obrien ’94

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Vol. I, No. 3



The town that glass built
   A look at the people who
   put glass in ’Boro
   by Alice Coghill ’84

Enabling and inspiring (N/A)
   Rowan’s institutes bring arts
   and education to the community
   by Laurel Keser ’85

Working the games (N/A)
   Alums make the teams behind
   the scenes in pro sports
   by Larry Litwin ’85

Rhyme and reason (N/A)
   Metering the power of poetry
   by Laurel Ridgway ’96

alumni profile
Ringo’s reason to run
   Derek “Ringo” Adamson ’83

alumni sidebars
Alum’s Almanac called for snow
   Sandi Sampaio Duncan ’89

Alum’s tribute to his father provides
new Rowan Scholarship

   Andrew Moore ’90

after words
For you, A.J.
   by Ed Ziegler ’72

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Vol. II, No. 1



Educating engineers (660K)
   Engineering a new era with
   Rowan’s bright E-school pioneers
   by Diane Donofrio Angelucci ’81

Playing it safe (636K)
   Athletic trainers keep young
   athletes fit
   by Tim Zatzariny ’94

What I did on my summer
   Some unusual ways students
   spent their summer
   by Chrystal Ingram ’88

Community connections (540K)
   Rowan’s institutes expand
   the classroom for business
   and schools
   by Nancy Davies Tuttle ’66

alumni profile
Start Your engines
   Kevin Feeney ’79,
   Gregg Feistman ’80 and
   Sandy Maxwell ’69, ’84

alumni sidebars
Back to the drawing board
   Frances Colon Gibson ’74

Industrial arts a la Ambacher
   Richard Ambacher ’83

after words
Whit one day, world the next
   by Marie Ranoia Alonso ’90

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