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Vol. III, No. 2



The James years (540K)
   A fond farewell to Rowan’s
   fifth president
   by Michele Dailey ’94

Is there a doctor in
the house?
   Office visits with Rowan’s
   pre-med alumni
   by Daniel Murphy ’97

Stage Presence (N/A)
   Front row seats at yesterday’s shows
   by Richard Grupenhoff

Happy Anniversary (N/A)
   Rowan marks milestones
   25 years at a time
   by Diane Angelucci ’81

alumni sidebars
On the rebound
   Al Szolack ’73

Russian Exposure
   Margaret Warner Facer ’72

SGA First Lady
   Jean McMenanim Edelman ’81

after words
The train to college
   by Dorothy Ciryak Clark
   Leonard ’76, ’84

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Vol. III, No. 3



Answering the call (476K)
   Alumni work in ministry
   by Mary Galloway Dovey ’75, ’96

Treasure hunt (596K)
   In the Stewart room at Rowan
   by Dean P. Johnson ’90

Operation Uganda (552K)
   Out of the ’Boro, into Africa
   by Melissa Field Sherman ’86

School clothes (636K)
   Bobbed hair, bobby socks
   and baggies
   by Samantha Glen ’98

alumni sidebars
All in the Family
   Marie Duncan Patterson ’36, Gary
   Pattern’69 and Amy Patterson ’98

Sharing the Dreams with Others
   Larry Thomas ’96

after words
Debating the future
   by Ron Weisberger ’65

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Vol. IV, No. 1



Meet the president:
Donald J. Farish
   A leader for the 21st century
   by Ed Ziegler ’72

The sporting life (428K)
   A 75 year sport recap
   by Mike Shute ’93

Home away from home (504K)
   Room (and never bored) on campus
   by Dean P. Johnson ’90

Classics and culture (504K)
   Frost, Fonda, Fiedler, The Four Tops
   and more
   by Patricia Quigley ’78

after words
A deeply-rooted relationship
   by Harriet Clevenger Lockwood ’88

   From Normal to Extrodinary:
   A 75th Anniversary Timeline

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