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Vol. 6, No. 2

Skeleton crew (484K)
   Excavating and preserving the
   past in Chile
   by Patricia A. Martinelli ’78

Minstrels and maestros (576K)
   Grads make perfectly pitched
By Jason Weigandt ’00, ’01

Rowan revolution (476K)
   To the future and beyond
   By Mary Galloway Dovey ’75, ’96

alumni sidebars

Give a dog a bone
   Pamela Dennison ’78

Scary story
   Ann Gerfin ’71

after words

Looking for a sign
   By Wendy Weber Crawford ’75, ’79, ’88

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Vol. 6, No. 3

Bringing high tech home (480K)
   Rowan wins $6 million to build
   technology park
   By Mary Galloway Dovey ’75, ’96

e.commerce (472K)
   Grads make .com careers
   By Jason Weigandt ’00, ’01

Night moves (N/A)
   Rowan’s campus in the twilight
   Photo essay by Craig Terry

alumni sidebars

Northern exposure
   Stephen O’Brien

On the fast track
   Shawn Salvatore ’97

after words

An ode to 27A South Main Street
Keith Forrest88

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Vol. 7, No. 1

Expert educators (528K)
   Academe’s veterans influence the
   world of education
by D.A. Barsotti ’79

Digging for dinos (645K)
   Geography grad unearths lost

   by Rob Laymon ’82

Mystery History (N/A)
   Help fill in the blanks on these
   undocumented archival photos

alumni sidebars

Franchi$it for fun and profit
   Loren Fossie ’88

Tour d’USA
   Rich Senior ’79

after words

Our flag in the window
   By Lori Marshall ’92

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