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Our Sympathies

Edna W. Wilson ’33
Frances Marea Duncan
Patterson ’36
Bernice Taylor Bullock ’51
Paul D. DeMarco ’55, M’64
Sandra Posnak ’56
Sylvia Williams ’57
Judi Levay ’60
Stuart M. McKenzie ’63
John E. Welch ’66
Patricia L. Fowler
McCormick ’68
Milton W. Glenn Jr. M’73
Marie K. Gresco M’73
Donna L. Mosley ’73
Bertha Nolan ’74
Karen Wain Savoth ’74
Dorothy M. Hildreth ’67, M’70
Kenneth A. Hofer ’75
Raymond J. Montemurro ’75
Lorraine V. Culbertson M’76
Salvatore J. Esposito ’77
Mary Ann Cook M’79
John J. Cusmano ’80
Paula K. Grams ’76, M’83
Grace C. Evanosich
Kiermeier ’83
Elizabeth A. Mears ’83
Sean E. Simon ’00
Eric E. Levinson ’05

Faculty,staff & friends
Patricia Demetor
Ronald Hawk
Carl Heldman ’93, M’97
Peter Jaeger
Francis G. Looney ’68, M’73
Owen Metcalf
Birger Myksvoll
Jonas C. Reighn Sr.
Rudolph Salati ’43
John M. Sooy ’55
Barbara Stanwood


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THE ’20s
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THE ’30s
Earl B. Whitcraft ’36 and his wife Judy will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in June in Kill Devil Hills, N.C., with their son, Gary, and his family.

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THE ’40s
Peg Tirrell Morse ’45 enjoyed visiting in Norwich, Vermont, with Tillie Warner Rudesill ’45, who was east to be with family. Together for the afternoon and a picnic lunch last summer, the classmates had “a wonderful visit.”

Riletta L. Twyne Cream ’48 is a Camden County freeholder. She has traveled to Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and China. She belongs to many civic and professional organizations and has received multiple awards for community and professional service during her nearly 60-year career.

Frank Palmieri ’48 met with a former student of his from 1951. The student, Michael Podolin, had always felt that Frank had had a huge impact on his life and looked up the teacher for a lunch meeting 56 years after he graduated.

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