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Richard Wackar

e coached basketball when games were played on the stage in Tohill Auditorium, led four different sports teams to state championships and drove a dump truck to the Pine Barrens to get equipment for the newly-revived football team. Today former professor Richard Wackar takes the road less traveled, hooking up his trailer and driving with his wife to places like Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.

Wackar taught in the Health and Physical Education Department from 1956 to 1988. When he arrived on campus there were 100 men enrolled and asparagus patches and peach orchards standing where the football field and Wilson Hall are today.

“Starting sporting programs takes a lot out of you,” said Wackar. “I had a full 38 years. It was time to turn it over to some of the younger folks.”

Though his teaching and coaching days are over, Wackar lives in Glassboro and is never far from campus. He founded and wrote the bylaws for the Brown & Gold Gridiron Club which gets together for a winter dinner dance, a golf outing in June and
a family picnic in September. He and former basketball players get together informally every summer.

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