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Unforgettable professor
I have written a letter, and the Class of 1963 has sent one, requesting that Dr. Burton Wasserman be featured in the alumni magazine. We can’t help but notice that others have been recognized, but not Dr. Wasserman. Why?

  Ross Beitzel ’63, M’68

Editor’s note: We have an ever-growing list of emeriti to catch up with. Thanks for your patience as we try to get to your favorite professor.

Proud history
The Fall-Winter issue is an excellent example of professional effort in producing a unique alumni magazine. On the Whitcraft Scale for Rating College Alumni Publications (0-10), Rowan continues to rate a solid 10.

The Summit feature brought back memories of my junior and senior years at Glassboro when the beautiful house was the men’s dorm.

On the morning of June 23, 1967, I picked up The New York Times at Princeton Junction on my way to my Mobil Oil office in New York City. I boarded the train, sat down, opened to the front page and there it was: a photo of Hollybush. Yes, I knew it very well! I eagerly read what was happening there at Glassboro.

When I reached my office, my staff had read the news. Did I know this house? I smiled and proudly told them how well I knew it. I experienced a proud part of our history, indeed!

  Earl B. Whitcraft ’36
  Silver Spring, Maryland

Photo flashback
The Summit picture [Fall 2007] was a great flashback to a really special day in my Glassboro experience and several old friends called to say how much fun it was seeing that shot again. The excitement of being present on that historic day is still very vivid 40 years later.

  Roseanne Olive DiMeglio ’68

Unforgettable performance
Can you imagine that we talked the chairman of the health and physical education department (Len Serfustini) into playing a major role in a stage production? It was an unforgettable performance [Fall 2007].

For years he was kidded about being a cross-dresser. Moreover, he convinced six well-built football players to participate. That sort of mix—theatre people and football players—had never happened before.

You put together a great alumni magazine.

  Bill Kushner, professor emeritus
  Cherry Hill

Excellent effort
I just received the latest Rowan Magazine. As usual, you did an excellent job. I particularly enjoyed the Hollybush tribute and the article on Dr. Bender [Fall 2007] was wonderful. I had him for freshman sociology. Keep up the good work.

  Jim Dufford ’70, M’73

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