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Site help and information

The magazine’s website makes heavy use of Javascript and cascading style sheets. These web technologies require a 4.0 browser or later. If you’re using a 3.0 browser, some of the site’s functionality is limited—but you will still have access to the site and all of its information.

Navigating the site
Like the print version, the website is organized into sections including features, departments, class notes, back issues, services and resources. Rowanmagazine.com also offers a sitemap for those who prefer navigating with text.

Screen resolutions
Our research shows that 95 percent of web surfers are surfing at a screen resolution of 800x600 or higher. Because 800x600 is so prevalent, the magazine has selected to use it as the site’s default resolution. This gives the site more “screen real estate” for content and design purposes but it makes viewing all of the site content difficult on a 640x480 display. If your monitor supports it, you can easily switch your computer monitor’s resolution to 800x600. Follow the simple instructions below:

  Macs (Pre-OSX)
Step 1
In the “Start” menu go to “Settings,” then “Control Panels,” and then "Display.”
Step 1
Under your “Apple Menu Items,” go to “Control Panels” and then “Monitors & Sound.”

Step 2
Select the “Settings” tab.

Step 2
Under the “Resolution” option, select 800x600.
Step 3
Under “Screen Area” select 800x600. Select OK and your screen will reset to the new resolution.
Step 3
Your screen will reset to the new resolution. Click the close box in the window.

Screen colors
This site looks best using thousands of colors. Again, you can set this using the “Monitors & Sound” control panel on a Mac or the “Display” control panel on a PC.

Wireless access for PDAs
The magazine’s website does not support wireless web-browsers. We expect to add that functionality in the next year or so.

Search tips
Check spelling
Make sure your search terms are spelled correctly. The search engine will attempt to find words that sound similar to your search terms - but it is always best to spell the search terms correctly.

Use multiple words
This will return more refined results than a search from a single word.

Use similar words
The more similar words you use in a search, the more relevant results will be to the words that you are searching for.

Use appropriate capitalization
Capitalize proper nouns such as the name of a person. Lowercase words will match any words of any case.

Use quotation marks for exact matches
You can force exact matches by using quotation marks. For example, a search for “content management system” will only return results that include those words in that order.

Use Boolean plus (+) or minus (-) operators
Precede a search term or phrase with a plus sign (+) to indicate it must appear in a search result. Precede a search term with a minus sign (-) to indicate an undesirable search term or phrase that must not appear in a search result. For example, searching for +cats -Siamese will return results that are about cats, but not about Siamese cats.

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