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Junk English Contest Winners
May 6, 2003
Here are the winners of our Junk English contest. They each won a copy of Junk English by Ken Smith ’80. Don’t worry if you didn't win, we’ll have more books to give away online soon and at our Philly-Area Alumni Reception on May 20. Congratulations to all our winners and happy reading!
Shannon Costal Cogan ’98
Joseph Julian ’83
Jenny Ruth ’00
Renai Ellison ’89
Laurie Smith-Hassan ’95

Movie Nights III is history
The balcony is now closed and March Madness is in full effect for the following alums:

Amy Bogdanoff 93
Teresa Cantrell 88
William Kalyna 97
Caroline Lifshey Lewis 90
Toni Morrissey Ensign 80
Paul Rue 77
Brian Spector 72
Joseph Wetterling 01
Carolyn Wiest Stephens 68
Jack Zoblin 83

Each alum receives our congratulations and a copy of Hoosiers, Ken Smithhouser’s Movie Nights book, a bag of popcorn and a $10 Blockbuster giftcard. Didn't win this time? Don’t worry, we’ll be back with more Movie Nights gift packs in the near future. Until then, enter our next contest featuring the new book Junk English by Ken Smith ’80. Heck while you’re at it, check out our feature based on his book.

Past winners
The curtain falls on Movie Nights II

As our second Movie Nights contest comes to a close, our hearty congratulations and a copy of Ground Hog Day goes to:
  Morton Bohn ’87
  Gloria Martins Brooks ’77
  Elizabeth Colasurdo Conte ’81
  Kristen Coppock ’97
  Eleanor Haines ’49
  Alan Hauser ’73
  Lori Holzli ’95
  Marianne Bilotta McDonald ’64
  Charles Schoendorf ’50
  Sarah Sivon ’02

It really is a wonderful life!
Our first Movie Nights contest was a big success. Our congratulations and a movie pack featuring the holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life goes to:
  Kelly Aldridge ’96
  Maria Begley ’99
  Miles Benson ’85
  Amy Knodt ’81
  Kathleen Lamastra ’87
  Andrea Lee ’96
  Karen Mammen ’00
  Shannon Sausman ’01
  David VonColln ’66
  Kevin Watsey ’00

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