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> Check spelling
> Use multiple words
> Use similar words
> Use appropriate capitalization
> Use quotation marks for exact matches
> Use Boolean plus (+) or minus (-) operators

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Search tips
Check spelling
Make sure your search terms are spelled correctly. The search engine will attempt to find words that sound similar to your search terms - but it is always best to spell the search terms correctly.

Use multiple words This will return more refined results than a search from a single word.

Use similar words The more similar words you use in a search, the more relevant results will be to the words that you are searching for.

Use appropriate capitalization Capitalize proper nouns such as the name of a person. Lowercase words will match any words of any case.

Use quotation marks for exact matches You can force exact matches by using quotation marks. For example, a search for “content management system” will only return results that include those words in that order.

Use Boolean plus (+) or minus (-) operators Precede a search term or phrase with a plus sign (+) to indicate it must appear in a search result. Precede a search term with a minus sign (-) to indicate an undesirable search term or phrase that must not appear in a search result. For example, searching for +cats -Siamese will return results that are about cats, but not about Siamese cats.

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